Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential

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Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential G1 Main Features

* 2200Pa large suction power, deep into the gap and efficient cleaning. * 4 kinds of suction to meet various cleaning needs. * Electronically controlled water tank, 3 water outlet modes, care for the floor. * Suspended suction mouth, mop and dense main brush can easily deal with all kinds of ground. * The 3 layer filter system effectively filters dust. * 82mm ultra thin body, * Intelligent navigation and precise positioning. Create a map of the whole house in real time. * Connect MIHOME APP, remote control. * 2500 mAH Large capacity battery, long battery life.

Main Difference Between G1 and 1C Robot

1. Different navigation methods. robot G1 is infrared + mechanical collision board, and the navigation effect is just acceptable. While 1C is visual navigation and is somehow more accurate. 2. Different side brushes. G1 is designed for bilateral brushes, and robot 1C is designed for unilateral brushes. 3. Different suction power. The Mijia sweeping robot G1 is 2200Pa, and the Mijia sweeping robot 1C is 2500Pa. 4. Different functions. Mijia robot G1 does not support some functions such as virtual walls and zone sweeping, but Mijia 1C supports.

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential G1

Support sweeping and mopping 1 step working.

Product Periodic Warranty

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